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About Juniora

Juniora gathers all activities at cinema Panora for our youngest audience, up till 13 years.

Juniora wants to make sure all young film lovers gets access to marvelous films from all around the world. Funny, sad or nerve thrilling films; animations, live action, drama and documentaries; long films and short films. Juniora also organize events around the films such as premiere happenings, work shops, ”meet and greets” with directors and actors, and lot’s of other fun activities!

Juniora wants to inspire you to new ideas and creativity. For us your thoughts are super important and we would love it if you want to get involved in our cinema and how we could make it the best cinema ever for children your age!

For som more info on how you can get involved, please contact torun@panora.se

Event & specialvisningar