Södra Sveriges största arthousebiograf!


CBK & Fish Tank Galleri welcome you to two exhibitions at once, with international comics art to celebrate the release of two new volumes of the international comics anthology CBA! From comics about the special situation brought on by the pandemic to comics that break up their own form to such a level that they begin to question what comics as an art form is.

At the opening on June 9 at 19, you can witness a live painting/music performance with Grønvall.Haverholm.

The pandemic was supposed to have a deadline, most of us agreed on a year but it lasted much longer. What happens when the world is paused for an indefinite time? What does this do to our experience of existence? How do we replace our routines? We’re waiting, and in our wait, we imitate the “real” we hope will soon return. Like placeholders in our own lives.

UNCOMICS (CBA vol 56|57)
Uncomics – an artistic field where contemporary art and comics inform each other. Where the absence of sequence encourages the reader to investigate the picture plane(s) in any direction and order, becoming an active co-creator in the process. A space outside the tedious limitations of story, where images both abstract and suggestive interact. Comics, at last, as a visual art form.

Performance: Grønvall.Haverholm
Grønvall.Haverholm is an improvisational, crossover-media act combining live music and drawing with appropriate amplification – distortion and back projection. With a background in the 90s Danish metal underground (Allan Grønvall) and an evolution from graphic novels to abstract expressionist comics (Allan Haverholm), the duo have joined their individual fortés in avant-garde comics and extreme music into a unique, creative performance.

Exhibition: 9 June – 15 September, 2022
Opening: 9 June at 7 P.M.

Free entry!
Biograf Panora Friisgatan 19 D, Malmö


Opening hours: The exhibition is open when the ticket office is open, i.e. from 30 minutes before the first film of the day starts until the last film starts.

Organisers: Galleri Fish Tank, Folkets Bio Malmö with the support of the City of Malmö and ABF Malmö, CBK, Mattias Elftorp. The double exhibition is produced with the support of Malmö Culture Board.

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