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Cine Mar – Movie Nights presents GIVEN
Datum: Tor 16 feb, 2017

The Cine Mar – Surf Movie Nights are chasing around Europe for the 4th time! After a successful tour in 2016, we expand our journey by covering 10 countries with almost 50 stops. With three new movies in our bag, we guide you all over the planet to far-away cultures, lonely spots and the best swell. For one night in your city we create a throwback to your personal ideas of beach vibes, joyfulness and vivid memories. Beautiful movie theaters, the event-character of the night and the community make this a truly memorable experience.

18:00 Welcome Speech + Trailers
18:50 Raffle + introduction of GIVEN
19:15 movie: GIVEN
20:30 End of the Movie Night


Jess Bianchi | USA 2016 | 75 min | English dialogue
The movie GIVEN shows the travel of the Goodwin family. The story is told through the eyes of the six-year-old Given, son of the surf-legends Aamion and Daize Goodwin. It enables you to experience the visited places with a typical childish candour and curiosity. The producer Jess Bianchi captured intimated moments of the family, diverse cultural experiences and breathtaking landscapes.
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Dion Agius | Australia 2016 | 15 min | English dialogue
In the new movie “The Smiling Bag”, Dion Agius takes you on an audiovisual journey which marks a new category in the genre of surf movies. The usage of special effects, experimental filters and shots brings up a refreshingly-weird project that shows you radical surfing in a new light. We are excited to present the 15-minute version of THE SMILING BAG on the Spring Tour 2017.
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Sean Yoro | USA 2016 | 10 min | English dialogue
The Hawaiian artist Sean Yoro (a.k.a HULA) guides us to freezing waters. The film documents an artistic work, which turned out to be harder to realize than first expected. Set on Baffin Island, it does not only include amazing shots but presents the home of the Inuit Culture. Authenic, deeply connected to mother nature – a movie that will chase you up in your dreams!

Cine Mar gives people the chance to see short movies related to the ocean/surfing and environment. But not in the usual way. Our focus lies on showing movies which describe not only the joy but also the problems, the solutions, the passion and the environmental aspects connected to the sport.

In early 2016 HHonolulu Events presented its newest project: „Cine Mar – Movie Nights“. Now the event series proceeds into the next round and guide us to 10 European countries including almost 50 stops. Cine Mar is devoted to the love of the sea and all the wonderful stories the oceans tell us. It takes you to faraway countries, lonely beaches, extraordinary people and their life at the ocean. 
Since 2015, HHonolulu Events is part of the Island Collective GmbH. The collective creates a diverse network of specialists performing in various business areas but all working together under one roof in Hamburg. The different disciplines are all connected by one common interest: the boardsport and life-style-sector. A dynamic agency for authentic brand establishment, communication and distribution in fields including music, sports, fashion & urban-lifestyle.

Datum: Tor 16 feb, 2017

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Organizers: HHonolulu Events, Folkets Bio Malmö.
Presented by Blue Tomato.
Sponsor: Wavetours, Nixon.

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