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Echoing the Voices of Iranian Women Prisoners | International Women’s Day
Datum: Ons 8 mar, 2023

Months after the ignition of Jina revolts, we gather on International Women’s Day to echo voices of Iranian women prisoners.

This irreversible historic and feminist moment owes a lot to these women’s resistances and actions. Captivated inside brutal prisons in Iran under insulting conditions, their free souls and minds will not, and shall not, remain captive. We gather to collectively read and reflect on their letters, words, narratives; to remind ourselves of the beauty of solidarity; to collectively practice it, and to learn from their resistant voices. 

We write, we recite, we watch, we chant, we echo. 

✦ 15.00–20.30 (Drop-In)Collective making of window installation
Together we will write letters by Iranian women prisoners on Cinema Panora’s large windows in the upper foyer facing the street.

✦ 18.00Screening of the documentary Nasrin – an immersive portrait of the persecuted Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh. The film will be introduced by Gunilla Hallonsten from Right Livelihood. Language: Farsi with Swedish subtitlesMore info & tickets>>

✦ 19.45: Reading of letters

✦ 17.15–20.30: Drinks and snacks will be served

Datum: Ons 8 mar, 2023

Organizers: Feminists for Jina Malmö, Feminist Dialog, PEN Malmö, Panora / Folkets Bio Malmö, ABF Malmö

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