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Datum: Sön 13 nov, 2022

In connection with Feministisk festival (11-13 November), we screen a British documentary about the racism within the health care system against Black and POC health care workers, with a following talk including the director and some of the health care workers portrayed in the film.

Director: Ken Fero | Documentary | UK | 2022 | 58 min | English 
Exposed is a groundbreaking documentary that combines the stories of 19 Black, brown and migrant nurses and midwives to speak about their powerful experiences of racism before and during the pandemic. The film was made as part of Nursing Narratives – Racism and the Pandemic, a research project that aims to shed light on experiences of Black, Asian and minority ethnic health care workers in the pandemic.

Participating (online) in the talk will be:

Prof. Anandi Ramamurthy: She is the main Investigator of "Nursing Narratives". She is Professor of Media and Culture, Sheffield Halam University, UK, whose research has focused on critically analyzing ‘race’ and racism in media and culture to challenge hegemonies and amplify the voice of communities whose stories are often not heard. Currently working on a project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, which aims to shed light on experiences of Black, Asian and minority ethnic health care workers in the Pandemic.

Ken Fero: Film maker and founding member at Migrant Media, activist and educator. He has campaigned on issues of policing and human rights abuses in Europe and the resistance to them. He is the director of Exposed, as well of the radical and controversial cinema documentary Injustice (2001), and Ultraviolence (2021), about the families of the victims of police violence in the UK and their demand for justice.

Also participating in the talk will be some of the nurses and midwives portrayed in the film.

The talk will be held in English.

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Exposed är en banbrytande dokumentär med berättelser från 19 svarta och icke-vita sjuksköterskor och barnmorskor om deras starka upplevelser av rasism före och under covid-19 pandemin. Dokumentären gjordes inom ramen för forskningsprojektet Nursing Narratives - Rasism och det pandemiska. Forskningsprojektet finansierades av AHCR, som syftar till att belysa den icke-vita vårdpersonalens erfarenheter under covid-19 pandemin.

Efter filmvisningen följer en Q&A med regissören Ken Fero, prof. och vårdarbetare som deltar via länk. Obs, samtalet kommer att hållas på engelska.

Datum: Sön 13 nov, 2022

Free entrance! First come, first served. (Först till kvarn)

Organizers: RåFilm / Nordic Labour Film Festival, Feministisk Festival, Antirasistiska Filmdagar, Afrosvenskarnas Forum för Rättvisa, Folkets Bio Malmö, ABF Malmö

Thanks to all participants!

The event is a part of Feministisk festival: https://feministiskfestival.se/

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