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Intuitive Painting – Workshop with Agostina Vilar
Datum: Lör 29 okt, 2022

Intuitive Painting: DISCONNECT TO CONNECT again
Turn off reality for a while, and create your intuitive masterpiece with me!

The Disconnect to Connect again experience is an intuitive painting class where I intend to show you how to connect with your inner self creatively. In this class, we understand that sometimes our life path can be a little bit confusing and make us feel disconnected from ourselves, from our inner voice. Through painting, I would like to share with you. a couple of techniques that will help you to disconnect from the outside and start catching up on what’s happening inside yourself.

During these 2 hours and a half with brushes, markers, and acrylics, together we will be developing our artwork in the foyer of the cinema Panora located in the core of Malmö. At the end of this experience, you will walk home with your unique intuitive piece ready to hang.

Tea and coffee / sweet and salty delicatessen will be provided.

The program for this class is:
- Meet and Greet
- Pick up the kit with your name and find a spot where you’d like to sit
- We share some drinks and snacks
- Introduction to the technique and principles basis of acrylic and color theory
- We choose the background/ colors/shapes/tools
- It-Time for your inner voice to take the control
- End this experience with an original art piece created and painted by you

Who can enjoy it?
This class is for anyone who’s looking for a cozy and chill space where they can feel free while making art and having fun. Suits perfectly for all ages, no experience is needed and I’ll provide you with all materials you will need to create your painting, such as acrylics and acrylic markers.

Datum: Lör 29 okt, 2022

11:00–13:00 at Cinema Panora

Language: The class can be dictated in Spanish and English

Cost: 60 SEK / per. Book by writing to fishtank@panora.se

Ticket includes:
- 2 hours and a half of intuitive acrylic painting experience
- Acrylics, and acrylic markers
- Brushes, pencils, and tape
- Canvas of 30x25cm
- Tea/coffee
- Sweet and salty snacks
- A painting to take home

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