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Konsthögskolan Malmö
Datum: Tis 21 dec, 2021

En samling korta konstfilmer gjorda av studenter vid Konsthögskolan i Malmö.

Filmerna rör sig mellan det narrativa och det icke narrativa i varierande tekniker, från CinemaScope till analog smalfilm och egenhändigt framkallad experimentell 16mm film i färg och svartvitt. Här finns, bland annat, en kvinnlig Odysseus som söker ett barndomsminne, en flerspråkig fågels funderingar om migration, en loop fram och tillbaka genom tiden i Montenegros berg, längtan efter att flyga, betraktandet av ett vittrande sandslott, pappersklippdockor som debatterar Antropocenen. Och en skiftnyckel.

Regi: Bárbara Sánchez Barroso | 17 min
Taking a childhood memory as a starting point and pursuing a free, feminine interpretation of the Odysseus myth, this video by Bárbara Sánchez Barroso is an account of a character's journey across the sea in search of a place that is supposedly related to her own origin. The Odyssey is a video piece that explores the intersections between fiction and biographical narrative, appealing to the inherent human drive to turn experiences into stories. The piece also refers to the role of foundational narratives in both the development of the collective imagination and the construction of a personal subjectivity, suggesting the significance of journeys as metaphors for personal quests.

Regi: Beatriz Neto | 07:25 min
The premise is to go back in time in a loop where the Mausoleum Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, on top of the mountain Lovćen in Montenegro, is being deconstructed until the old byzantine-inspired Chapel of Saint Peter of Cetinje reappears, only to be destroyed once again—using footage from "Lovćen" (1974) by Krsto Š'kanata and from a raft trip in the Tara river. The illusion of a retrograde motion in midst of a lost day in time, seeks to give this story, which mirrors Montenegro's complex identity struggle the quality of the eternal, inspired by the curse of the Prince-Bishop Njegoš.

Regi: Irene Kaltenborn | 10:06 min
A visual letter to the deceased artist Ana Mendieta. Based on a strong desire to get closer to her spirit, a female character follows in her footsteps through a landscape she is very familiar with. Where the materiality of the super-8 format becomes a time capsule to the past, the pictorial search presents thoughts and questions that are answered by the wind, the water and everything that moves.

Regi: Djoana Gueorguieva | 07:10 min
In a hybrid nest of archival and 16mm collage and multi-lingual bird sits and ponders it origins in essay form. Would you ever ask a bird where it's from?

Regi: Vigga Heisselberg Wæhrens | 03:16 min
In this video work, I've turned the debate about "The Anthropocene Age (the human age) into a drama with papercut puppets and dramatic music that I have composed and executed myself. The traditional paper cuts stand in contrast to the contemporary video media to create a historic reference. I have likewise made a contrast in the audio as I sing the text in a melody inspired by Gregorian mass song while the accompanying music is electronic.

Regi: Irene Kaltenborn | 02:15 min
A film about a human trying to teach a bird how to fly.

Regi: Siri Hammarén | 3 min

Regi: Felix Oscar Christiansson | 03:31 min
The recitation and recomposition of the writings from around the time of the creation of an installation paired with photographs and film of the installation itself.

Regi: Maia Torp Neergaard | 3 min
To find what can't be found without a Bolex camera.
Experimental, analog 16mm color film (digitized)

Regi: Djoana Gueorguieva, Vigga Heisselberg Wæhrens, Siri Hammarén | 03:55 min
Black and white 16mm film (digitized).

Datum: Tis 21 dec, 2021

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Arrangör: Folkets Bio Malmö, Folkets Bio riks, Konsthögskolan i Malmö, ABF Malmö

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