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Motståndaren (Eng. text)
Datum: Mån 10 apr, 2023

Motståndaren (Opponent) is an intense psychological drama by Milad Alami about a wrestler who is forced to leave Iran with his family.

Note that this screening is with English subtitles. For screenings with Swedish subtitles see here>>

The film tells the story of an Olympic wrestler, who in the aftermath of a devastating rumour in Iran, has fled with his family to Sweden, where he takes up wrestling again. But when the reasons behind the rumours surface, his past catches up with him.

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Datum: Mån 10 apr, 2023

Director: Milad Alami
Country: Sweden
Year: 2023
Length: 119 minutes
Language: Swedish, Persian
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama
Age limit: From 11 years
Actors: Payman Maadi, Marall Nasiri, Björn Elgerd, Ardalan Esmaili, Arvin Kananian
Premiere: 31 March, 2023
Distributor: TriArt Film
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Organizers: Folkets Bio Malmö, ABF Malmö

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