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The New Dictators: Archaeology of Hellsinki graffitti – Premiär med regissörsbesök
Datum: Tor 4 okt, 2018

The director Aleksi Pohjavirta will attend the screening, introduce the film and attend a Q&A after the film.

The New Dictators - Archaeology of Hellsinki graffiti is the documentary film about the evolution and the people behind the graffiti culture of Helsinki. The film starts from the innocent beginnings back in the mid-eighties and travels through the vandal enthusiasm of the nineties to the zero tolerance politics of the 2000's leading into county jail. The documentary includes tons of rare archival material side-by-side with interviews with the pioneers and the masters like the diamonds crew and Trama.

The feature film will be openend with an exlusive short film 'Harder they come' about Helsinki Inside bombing scene (8 mm, 4 mins, 1997).


Datum: Tor 4 okt, 2018

kl 20.00
Till biljettköp

Aleksi Pohjavirta
Land: Finland
År: 2016
Längd: 52 min
Språk: finska
Textning: engelska
Originaltitel: Uudet Diktaattorit – Stadilaisen graffitin arkeologia
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Arrangörer: The New Dictators, Smaragdivirta och Streetcorne.se

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