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The Space in Between: Marina Abramovic and Brazil + inledning
Datum: Fre 16 dec, 2016

Visningen fre 16 dec introduceras av Nils Svensk, som är curator. Filmen visas även 17 & 18 dec men då utan inledning.

A mixture between road movie and spiritual thriller, the documentary brings an unprecedented approach of the intimate creative process of one of the most important artists of our time.

Marina Abramovi? travels through Brazil, in search of personal healing and artistic inspiration, experiencing sacred rituals and revealing her creative process. The route is comprised of poignant encounters with healers and sages from the Brazilian countryside, exploring the limits between art and spirituality. This external trip triggers in Marina a profound introspective journey through memories, pain and past experiences.

World Premiere at South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) 2016.

"Visually, it was one of the most stunning films I’ve ever seen, actually managing to take my breath away at several points, but the amazing film production also functioned to support its profound message of spiritual performance, metamorphosis and the ways that art can function as a spiritual catalyst."
/The Daily Cardinal, after the screening at SXDW

Marco Del Fiol has dedicated the past 10 years recording works of important contemporary artists and creating dialogue between artworks, artists and the audience. THE SPACE IN BETWEEN: MARINA ABRAMOVIC AND BRAZIL is his first feature film.

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Datum: Fre 16 dec, 2016

kl 18:30

Regissör: Marco Del Fiol
Land: Brasilien
År: 2016
Längd: 86 minuter
Språk: Engelska, Portugisiska
Textning: Engelska
Genre: Dokumentär
Åldersgräns: Från 15 år
Skådespelare / Medverkande: Marina Abramovi?, João de Deus, Damião, Dona Flor, Mãe Filhinha, Zezito Viana, Rudá Iandê e Denise Maia m fl
IMDb: Se filmen på IMDB 

Arrangör: Folkets Bio Malmö, ABF Malmö.

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