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Short films + Q&A
Datum: Tor 8 sep, 2022

Three short films will be screened as part of Syrian Doc Days 2022 with a following Q&A with the director Badi Khlaif.

Between Life And Death
Director: Badi Khlaif | Syria | 2021 | Language: Arabic with English subtitles | 30 minutes
The documentary deals with the Syrian revolution that started in 2011. The film highlights some of the many stages of the revolution; including ISIS 'control of northern Syria, the demonstrations that took place in several Syrian cities, and the asylum campaign, which was often the only solution for thousands of Syrians.

In The Bags of Strangers
Director: Raed ALkour | Language: Arabic with English subtitles | 8 minutes
A Syrian poet lives in exile, writing poems to show his support for the revolution in his country. The poems reflect the reflections he makes on the revolution, which is especially expressed in the written word.

Would you play it again?
Director: Ammar Obeid | Language: Arabic with English subtitles | 30 minutes
Mudar is a Syrian actor who fled to Germany on a visa from Beirut. He now examines the people who fled on foot, the experiences and experiences that immigrants have had on their way. After a meeting with the Syrian filmmaker Ammar Obeid, Mudar chooses to stand naked in the cold outside in his backyard.

Datum: Tor 8 sep, 2022

TICKETS: 120 kr (no discounts available)

Syrian Doc Days is organized by FINJAN, in collaboration with Al Seraj Sweden and The Syrian Swedish Network for Democracy.

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