Södra Sveriges största arthousebiograf!

WILDNESS, directed by Wu Tsang
Datum: Fre 10 dec, 2021

Welcome to the screening of Wildness which is part of the Malmö Konstmuseum symposium LOCATIONS, situated in the public programme of the exhibition (in)visible: abstractions and fragments of queerness, currently showing at the museum. For more information about the event, see here>> 

Wildness is a resonant portrait of a Latino Los Angeles LGBT bar, the Silver Platter. The film integrates elements of fiction and documentary structures to vividly portray Tsang’s multi-layered relationship with the bar, one that explores her role as an artist and activist, and a member of a younger generation introducing itself into a gay scene that started before the Stonewall riots – the Silver Platter’s birth year is 1963. The impact of gentrification and a changing city on the bar’s working class, Hispanic and immigrant patrons is something Tsang implicates herself in when the weekly Wildness party brings art world crowds and attention.



Datum: Fre 10 dec, 2021

Free screening!

Tickets are booked in advance here>> and must be picked up no later than half an hour before the screening starts.

Director: Wu Tsang 
Country: USA
Year: 2012
Length: 74 minuter
Language: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English
Genre: Documentary, art film
With: Mariana Marroquin - as the voice of the Silver Platter. VOICE OF THE SILVER PLATTER. Performers (in order of appearance): Zackary Drucker, Crazy Bitch in a Cave, Camlab, Geneva Jacuzzi, Stefan L. Smith, Amy Linton, We Are the World, Shunda K., Butchie & Fay, Tamechi, Dynasty Handbag, Lucky Dragons, Alex Black & Samuel White, Agassi Ben Gura, Mirror Mirror (with Veronica Celabaum & Ryan Trecartin), Roberto Ramone and The Modernaire, Fine Art Union, Foxy Moron, Iliana Snapper and Ron Athey, Geneva Washington, Leopold Nunan, Patrick (Sax Player).
Distributor: Electronic Arts Intermix
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Organizers: Tawanda Appiah and Jari Malta with Malmö Konstmuseum and Folkets Bio Malmö/Panora. 

This event is part of ÖPPNA MALMÖ, Malmö City's initiative to raise issues of discrimination and racism. 

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