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Watercolor workshop with Sandy Meneses Polo
Datum: Lör 15 okt, 2022

Introductory workshop to the technique and representation in watercolor with the artist Sandy Meneses Polo.

First part: Introduction to the watercolor technique 40 min.

  • Preparation of the workspace.
  • Introduction to basic watercolor techniques such as stain, colors and composition.

Break / fika

Second part: Representation of an idea with watercolor.

  • Presentation of a myth, using real elements that have a meaningful connection with the myth.

The participants will choose one of the exposed items and will represent them with watercolors. The objective is to teach watercolor tools to the participants that help them to create a personal representation of an object or an idea.

About artist Sandy Meneses Polo
Sandy Meneses is from Cuenca, Ecuador. She is a sustainable architect and artist. Her interest in all kinds of artistic expressions has led her to work in a variety of areas, primarily with design, painting and dance but also photography and artistic modeling.

Datum: Lör 15 okt, 2022

Time: 14:00-16.00. 
Target group: Children and teenagers.
Language: English and Spanish.
Materials: We will provide materials: Brushes, watercolors, watercolor paper, glasses or bowls and cleaning, paper.
Costs: 60 SEK / per. Book by writing to fishtank@panora.se

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