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5 - 21 feb 2016
Vernissage 5 feb kl 19:00-22:00

Group Exhibition

Exilfilmfestivalen Malmö present an artistic expo by various mediums such as drawing, painting, performance and video art. The reason is that we believe that artists who are somehow connected to the theme of exile do not limit themselves only to the medium of cinema but they use any kind of artistic mediums to express their feelings, desperations, hopes and statements of exile both inside and outside home.

Artists who participate in this project are based on different countries such as Sweden, France, Iran, Colombia and Afghanistan.

Exilfilmfestivalen Malmö with theme of “borderless Minds” will be held from 9th until 14th of February 2016. The opening will be in Doc Lounge on Feb 9th and continue in Iranska Kulturhuset and Cinema Panora (Feb 12th-14th).

List of the Artists:

Video Art
- Tolerance | Kuesti Fraun | Germany 
- Ant | Nacho Recio | Spain 
- Without A Soul | Gio Lingao | Philippines
- Cold War Christmas | Emma Penaz Eisner| United States | www.coldwarchristmas.com
-The Mask | Athina Kanellopoulou | Greece 
-The Mirror | Armin Ebrahimi | Iran-Italy 
- Cohesive Disorder | Payam.M | Canada-Iran 
- The visitor| Marie Gavois | Sweden 

Drawing, Painting and Etching
- Mina.B | Drawing | Iran-Sweden 
- Reza.H | Exile | Painting | Afghanistan-Sweden | www.hazare.org
- Jean Marcel Busson | Etching | France 
- Mo Xia | Collage | France 
- Elsa Rossler | Etching | France 
- Benoit Armange | Drawing | France 
- Julia Olofsson | In the corner of the Eye | on Wood | Sweden

- Collective drawing expo from Iranian artists (20 drawings and etching)
Aidin, Arash, Amir, Arezoo, Aylar, Masoud, Niloufar, Kolsum, Hedie, Nooshin

- Bahar Afsari | Sculpture | Spherical earth | Iran-Sweden


Arrangör: Exilfilmfestivalen Malmö, Folkets Bio Malmö, ABF Malmö.

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