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Syrian Doc Days 2019
Datum: Lör 7 – sön 8 sep, 2019

The situation in Syria is changing day by day. No one can predict where the next bomb is thrown. Which area is occupied or recaptured. What kind of rules apply in a given moment. It is unbearable for Syrian citizens. For the rest of the world, it is impossible to understand. To see what is going on and how it is experienced from within.

The documentary film festival Syrian Doc Days is dedicated to documentaries that attest to the situation in Syria in a way that the complex can become understandable, forcing meaning out of chaos. These are documentaries where we - instead of numbers and facts - meet people. Mother, daughter, father, brother, friend. Syrian Doc Days connects us to people from Syria across borders and distances and presents stories that go a step further. Stories that provide new understandings and realizations.

The festival will create spaces where it is easy and natural to meet strangers. The audience will thus have the opportunity to meet the instructors and producers behind the films. And besides screenings, there will be lectures, debates and cultural activities such as concerts and poetry readings by artists from Syria and others who engage in the Syrian situation.

Datum: Lör 7 – sön 8 sep, 2019

Lör 7 sept kl 18:00 Salong 3
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Sön 8 sept kl 17:00 Salong 3
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Tickets are for sale at 120 SEK per person at PANORA.

Syrian Doc Days 2019 runs from 4th-8th. September and takes place in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, and Oslo and Malmö. Syrian Doc Days is organized by the non-profit organization Finjan in collaboration with the Cinemateket. And the festival is supported by Nordisk Kulturfond and Det Danske Filminstitut

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