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Another News Story + The Cord

Short Film
Laith Hajo / Syria / 2019 / Arabic / English subtitels / 12 min
Nada suffers from stress and exhaustion during the siege of his hometown. She waits for children but is born 1 month before the semester. The family's car has been broken for a while, so Nada's husband can't pick up the midwife, who comes from another part of town.

The midwife can't come to Nada as there is a sniper and threatens everything and everyone who wants to pass by. Nada's husband is trying to negotiate with the sniper, so the midwife may be allowed to pass, one sniper rejects all attempts of negotiation. Nada ends up feeding behind the car, with the risk of bleeding. Her husband helps Nada, and together they bring their daughter to the world. Afterwards, Nada's husband takes a revenge on the sniper, whom you had not seen coming.

Main Film

Another news story was filmed during the Syrian refugee crisis in 2015. Wallace's film follows refugees from the Greek island of Lesbos, to Hungary and Croatia and throughout Europe for a hope of a better life.

The film shows a journey filled with physical effort and dangers, bureaucratic and political obstacles, and tons of uncertainty. The British instructor also focuses on the world media, whose task is to cover the humanitarian tragedy that comes before them. With the chaotic 24/7. professional objectivity. Is it possible to distinguish between a good story and sensationalism? Or confused, are you just looking for a new news?

Regissör: Orban Wallace
Land: Storbritannien
År: 2018
Längd: 85 minuter
Språk: Engelska
Textning: Engelska
Genre: Dokumentär
Premiär: 7 juni, 2019
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