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Damascus Aleppo + Jasmine Throes

Short Film
Alaa Al Sehnawi / Syria / Arabic / English subtitels / 25 min
The story takes place on the outskirts of Damascus, where the terrorists carry out an attack in a peaceful neighborhood and the population begins to flee before the arrival of the militant groups.

Elijah and his high-grained wife Maryam will escape, but Maryam gets abruptly and goes to birth this puts Elijah in a dilema's wife's sudden birth and the attempt to get away from the militants, Elias's mother tries to help him via phone in a humanitarian situation, here the tale of uncertainty, torment, pain and hope begins

Main Film
In this award-winning film, we meet the elderly gentleman Issa Abdallah, who lives in Damascus isolated from the war events that ravaged Syria, while his daughter Dina lives with her 2 children in the besieged Aleppo.

When the siege ends, Issa decides to visit them. His bus trip from Damascus to Aleppo becomes a gripping and partly surrealistic reflection of the phases of the war expressed by those he encounters along the way. The film shows and tells the reality of Syria with tragedies and sarcastic opposites, as well as values ??such as love, compassion and need for confrontation.

The film won 2 awards at the Alexandria International Film Festival 2018 in Egypt, for best Arab films and the lead star Douraid Laham won for best actor.

Originaltitel: Demashq Halab

Regissör: Basel Alkahtib
Land: Syrien
År: 2018
Längd: 120 minuter
Språk: Arabiska
Textning: Engelska
Genre: Drama
Premiär: 8 juni, 2019
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