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Södra Sveriges största arthousebiograf!

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Ida´s Idea

Roma children, members of the ?havorenge choir, have ten days, at a summer camp near Bard?jov in eastern Slovakia under the guidance of internationally acclaimed choirmaster and singer of Roma origin, Ida Kellarová, to prepare for concerts with the Czech Philharmonic. The concerts may show a way for them out of the settlements and ghettos from which they come from. In Ida Kellarová' s mind such settlements are akin to concentration camps with a life sentence. Only very few manage to get away and establish a better life. The children have the ten days to realise that they haven't just come to enjoy a summer holiday but that they make take a decisive step. The ones who take the chance will have their way out of the settlement opened. 

Each year Ida Kellarová and her team organises a summer camp for children from socially excluded localities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2015 this camp took place near Bard?jov and our film focuses on this camp and preparations for a concert at a Roma settlement called Lenartov. Over ten days Ida tried to bring into line, knock into shape and nurse along a group of kids to such an extent as to be able to accompany the Czech Philharmonic by singing to a high standard and present Roma culture at a top-class level. Ida Kellarová's dream is that these children become examples for other Roma folk. They should show them the way and be ambassadors of Roma culture. And it is this very demanding expectation which, at the camp, becomes a source of great conflicts and emotions. 

Regissör: TomᚠKudrna
Land: Tjeckien
År: 2016
Längd: 67 minuter
Språk: Tjeckiska, Slovakiska och Romani
Textning: engelska
Genre: Dokumentär
Skådespelare / Medverkande: Ida Kelarová, Czech Philharmonic, ?havorenge
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