Södra Sveriges
största arthousebiograf!

Södra Sveriges största arthousebiograf!

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We never die

One of the most memorable heroes of Hungarian film history is the quick witted and generous, kind-hearted coat hanger peddler, a true prince of life. Set in the 1960s and those ‘happy days of peace’, he grabs his naive nephew and takes him to the fair, the horse races, he shows him freedom, introduces him to women and what life is all about. His appearance complete with elastic trouser braces and thick-rimmed glasses immediately melts all women’s hearts and coat hangers start selling like hot cakes. Róbert Koltai’s legendary cult film was the most successful movie around the time of the collapse of socialism.

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Regissör: Róbert Koltai
Land: Ungern
År: 1993
Språk: Ungerska
Textning: Engelska
Genre: Komedi
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