Södra Sveriges
största arthousebiograf!

Södra Sveriges största arthousebiograf!

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Zeina has arrived at her wounded man who is a soldier. They are trapped in a city in Syria with a truce, and Zeina has brought her camera, which is a gift from her husband. She films everything they experience during their involuntary stay in the city, to later document it. However, the memory card is filled up and she must gradually erase their memories from their lives together before. In flashbacks, the audience relives memories with the couple, and this contrasts with their fragile present and uncertain future. The film is based on the director's own story and gives a unique and poignant insight into what war does about love and the relationship between people.

Regissör: Maan Aljouma
Land: Syrien
År: 2018
Längd: 62 minuter
Språk: Arabiska
Textning: Engelska
Genre: Drama
Premiär: 9 juni, 2019
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