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Boy from Heaven (Eng. text)
Datum: Mån 5 jun, 2023

Tarik Saleh (The Nile Hilton Incident) is back with a political thriller starring Fares Fares in one of the key roles. Boy from Heaven, which won both Best Screenplay and Prix François Chalais at Cannes 2022, was selected as Sweden's submission for the best international feature Oscar race 2023.

Note that this screening is with English subtitles. 

Adam, the son of a fisherman, is offered the ultimate privilege to study at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the epicenter of power of Sunni Islam. Shortly after his arrival in Cairo, the university’s highest ranking religious leader, the Grand Imam, suddenly dies and Adam soon becomes a pawn in a ruthless power struggle between Eqypt’s religious and political elite.

"Egypt’s religious and secular institutions both breed mistrust in Tarik Saleh’s superbly realised paranoid nightmare." – The Guardian

"An implacable, hilarious, pamphlet film as fine as it is courageous. Exciting from start to finish." – Paris Match

"Complex, gloomy and brilliant Boy from heaven mixes the codes of espionage, meeting secrets and other filings, in an atmosphere of ancient drama." – Les Echos

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Datum: Mån 5 jun, 2023

Director: Tarik Saleh
Country: Sweden, France, Finland, Denmark
Year: 2022
Length: 121 minutes
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English
Genre: Thriller
Age limit: From 15 years
Actors: Sherwan Haji, Mehdi Dehbi, Makram J. Khoury, Mohammad Bakri, Fares Fares, Younes Medhat, Tawfeek Barhom
Distributor: TriArt Film
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